How to CLOSE AND DRAIN your Interior Water Valve

**Please wait to close the water valve until the technician arrives and first makes necessary adjustments to your backflow. Your technician will give you direction that you may proceed after the adjustments are completed.**

** The technician will review these steps with you. We encourage you to ask questions. If you are having difficulty the technician will gladly take the time to help you through the entire process. **

  1. Should you choose to drain your interior water valve prior to your appointment, open the test cocks on the backflow with a flathead screwdriver. Test cocks are the screws protruding from the side of the backflow. If you prefer, the Grapids technician can do this for you when they arrive for your appointment.
  2. Typically found in your basement, locate your shutoff valve. It most likely will still have the shutoff tag from previous years attached to it. Grapids tags are either blue or orange.
  3. Shut off the valve. If it is shaped like a straight handle, turn it so it is perpendicular to the pipe. If it is a round handle, turn it to the right until you can no longer turn it with normal effort.
  4. Follow the pipe to the relief faucet, place a bucket below the faucet and open the valve. Allow water to drain into the bucket until it drips to a stop. Close the faucet after the water drains completely.
  5. Provide access to the controller (It is typically in the garage)

NOTE: Backflows and interior plumbing drained by property owners and/or their tenants will not be warrantied by Grapids Irrigation.

What you can expect when the technician arrives:

    • Upon arrival, the technician will review their work order for controller and backflow location.
    • Don’t be surprised if you see the technician walk around the house before coming to the front door. They will close the bottom valve and test cocks on your backflow.
    • The technician will knock on your front door and step back six feet or more.
      • The technician will say hello and identify themselves.
      • The technician will review these instructions with you, explain the rest of the startup process, and answer your questions.
      • The technician will patiently wait for you to confirm that you have opened the water valve. Take your time and don’t hesitate to ask questions.
      • Please let the technician know the best way to communicate with you while they service your sprinkler system (i.e., front door or cell phone).
    • The technician will communicate with you before leaving to summarize and/or advise you about your system and to collect for services.

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