Our years of experience with satisfying our customers can’t be imitated by our competitors.

Our ecological concern is reflected in our drive to provide Grapids customers with superior lawns and gardens that use the absolute minimum amount of our precious water. The products and services we offer reflect the importance of water conservation and the increased reliability one should expect from their irrigation system.

Wifi Controllers

Adjusts water needs based on rain showers and temperature. Too hot? Too cold? Let this system do all the work for you and adjust your irrigation needs as necessary.

Rain Sensor

Turns the system off during rain and for the wet period after. Lowers water bills for a quick payback.

Head Upgrades

Individual head shut off. No low head drainage. Stronger retraction sprint to prevent mower damage.

Weather Station

Measure ET (Evapotranspiration), Runs system based on weather, not times, Calculates run times using temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed and rain fall – combined with plant type, soil type, shade and grade, Lowers water bill and Increases plant health

Drip Irrigation for Plantings

Water from the roots, water loss from wind minimized, slower application rates for better soil infiltration and water savings.

Pressure Regulation for Spray Heads / Zones

Maintain constant optimum pressure and uniform water distribution to eliminate the misting and fogging that can occur with higher pressures.
If damaged, cuts water loss by 70% saving time and money. Pressure regulator built into spray, eliminating the need to install more parts on site.