A Katerberg Family Tradition

In 1957, entrepreneur Ev Katerberg opened one of the area’s first companies offering installation of underground lawn sprinkler systems. His early projects included stately homes, office complexes and government building throughout Grand Rapids. An early innovator, he developed a reputation for quality design, workmanship and customer service. Many of his earliest installations are still in operation today.

Today, Ev Katerberg’s son Will and grandson Aaron carry on the family tradition of excellence in irrigation at Grapids Irrigation. The company is one of the nation’s leading installers of residential, commercial, sports field and public area sprinkler systems.

With three generations in irrigation since 1957, we have observed systems that fail prematurely or require constant repairs due to use of substandard components and shortcuts taken during the installation process. Each of our projects is specifically designed and installed to avoid these headaches.

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Family-Owned & Operated
At Grapids Irrigation, we pride ourselves on our family roots and it’s important to us that our customers and employees feel like a part of the family too.

Quality Work
Any irrigation system is only as good as the contractor who installs it and great products cannot make up for poor design or installation. At Grapids, we guarantee quality people, design and equipment.

West MI's Leading Irrigation Company
We are committed to carrying on the excellence displayed by Ev Katerberg starting back in 1957. Today, we remain a leader in the industry and we take that responsibility seriously.