All sprinkler systems eventually have problems.

There are many things that can go wrong with an irrigation system, such as high voltage electrical, low voltage electrical, copper pipe, PVC pipe, poly pipe, computerized programming problems, roots growing through pipes, etc.

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At Grapids, we:

  • Employ a large, experienced group of service technicians
  • Equip every technician with a fully stocked truck to contend with the full range of irrigation problems
  • Utilize a company-wide cell phone system so that when a situation arises that one of our employees doesn’t have experience with, he / she can call and ask anyone in the company for assistance.

These qualities and many more have made us one of the largest and most efficient service companies in this region of the country.


Service Plans

* Up to 1 hour per visit

Economy (2 Visits)

  • Spring Start Up
  • Winterization

Standard (3 Visits)

  • Spring Start Up
  • Midsummer Tune-Up
  • Winterization
  • 5% Discount on any additional labor

Premier (4 Visits)

  • Spring Start Up
  • Bi-monthly Tune-Up
  • Winterization
  • 10% Discount on repairs

Services Offered

*  The following services are included in the GRAPIDS Service Plans:

Spring Start-Up

  • Carefully check sprinkling heads for winter damage
  • Reset the controller start and run times
  • Install new battery as needed and activate rain sensors

Mid Summer Tune-Up

  • Full check of the system including head adjustment
  • Adjust watering schedules on controller
  • Check sprinkler heads, pipes, and valves for leaks


  • Prevention of expensive freezing damage by removing water from the system pipes and heads using high volume pressure-regulated air compressors
  • Reprogram controller for winter quotation
  • Place valves in anti-freeze position

Bi-Monthly Tune-Up

  • Adjust heads for proper coverage
  • Seasonal adjustments as necessary for start and run times
  • Check heads, pipes, and valves for leaks


You can be confident we won’t settle for second best.

At Grapids, we incorporate different manufacturers in order to put together the highest quality systems possible.

In the last 50 years and 3 generations, our family has tried every sprinkler brand on the market. In just ten short years, we have installed over 1,000 systems – each using state of the art equipment to install everything from inner city lots to golf courses. We have the product, the experience, and the equipment to put in a top-quality system.